Do you know about disposable FFP2 masks?

Editor:Zhejiang Antipollution Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. │ Release Time:2022-10-24
Disposable FFP2 masks are available at low prices in most countries. However, they were scarce and expensive at the start of the pandemic. At the time, the government paid more than 4 euros per mask, and stocks and production capacity were low. So the government reserves supplies for those most at risk. But as the pandemic spread, China began ramping up production to 200 million masks a day. Today, FFP2 masks sell for less than 1 euro in Europe, and by the end of 2020, Germany will start distributing these masks to more than 60 residents.
Nano Mask
The Disposable FFP2 Nanomask is a face filtering mask designed with a nanomembrane for improved filtration efficiency. It provides better protection than traditional disposable FFP2 masks while being more comfortable to wear. The mask complies with all safety requirements of the PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425 and has a modern design and adjustable nose clip.
The FFP2 mask has a three-layer construction with varying thicknesses. Between the two layers is a filter element that helps remove airborne particles. The FFP2 mask has a filtering facepiece that filters up to 94% of aerosols and airborne viruses. Its effectiveness is comparable to KN95 and N95 masks that provide similar levels of protection.
FFP2 masks provide users with minimal protection from small particles compared to disposable FFP2 masks, FFP2 masks filter 94% of airborne substances.
Protection against non-toxic and low-to-medium-toxic dust
There are several different types of face-piece respirators, some of which are more effective than others. The FFP2 mask protects against non-toxic dust and is a good choice for handling fine dust. This type will not provide protection from viruses or other contaminants, but will help you protect yourself from low to moderate toxic dust. On the other hand, the FFP2 mask protects you from moderate levels of toxic and non-toxic dust. The FFP2 mask features orange lettering and imprints on the valve.
Microplastics are another common source of airborne dust. Microplastics found in the air can reach the lungs after repeated exposure, causing silicosis and black lung. It is important to buy a mask that fits and fits. If you have facial hair, the mask may not seal properly, so be sure to trim your beard before wearing it. While this may seem like an unnecessary extra step, keep in mind that any protection is better than none.
prevent biological agents
FFP2 masks are designed to protect against biological agents. These face shields provide a level of protection 10 times the level of workplace exposure. They also protect against dangerous water and oil particles. However, these face shields do not protect against radioactive particles or biological agents in risk category 3. FFP2 masks are designed to protect against 94% of air pollutants and are typically used in industrial environments.
The mask is capable of filtering 94% of particulate matter and has a leakage rate of less than 8%. They also provide dust and smoke protection. It should be worn properly, preferably in a clean environment. FFP2 masks should be stored at a temperature of 50o to 9o degrees Celsius.

Disposable Flat Mask (Non-medical)
• T/CTCA-2019
• 3 Layer
• Bacterial filtration efficiency ≥ 95%
• white
• Efficient barrier of bacteria and particles
• easy to carry with
• Disposable
• 175*90(±5mm)