How many layers are there in a disposable medical mask?

Editor:Zhejiang Antipollution Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. │ Release Time:2022-04-22
What's the difference between Disposable Face Masks for different layers? First, let's classify commonly used masks. There are three types of non-woven masks. Generally, double-layer masks are mainly used in food processing plants. There is no filter meltblown cloth in the middle, but two non-woven fabrics are sewn together. Its function is to prevent saliva, snot, colds and other substances in the mouth from entering the food, and the gram weight is generally about 45 grams.
Three-layer mask, the interlayer is a filter melt blowing cloth, suitable for local applications such as medical structures, outdoor, dust factories, etc. The disposable mask is composed of a double-layer non-woven fabric and a filter melt-blown cloth in the middle, which needs to be explained here.
The disposable four-layer activated carbon mask adds a layer of activated carbon paper to the original three-layer non-woven filter paper, which can better improve the filtering ability of dust bacteria. This is the grey and black mask you see. Generally, though, a three-layer mask is sufficient when outdoors.
Disposable medical masks are generally divided into three layers, and the outer and inner layers are non-woven fabrics. These two layers act to block contaminants and support the mask itself. The filter layer in the middle of the disposable mask is made of filter cloth, which is very important. The fiber density is large and the pores are small, which can block small pollutants. Also, it's important to note that one end of the metal strip is the top, don't turn it upside down.