How to properly reuse disposable masks?

Editor:Zhejiang Antipollution Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. │ Release Time:2022-05-17
Feng Luzhao, a researcher at the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention:
Can disposable masks be disinfected with medical alcohol spray after they are used up? Regarding the problem of masks, ordinary residents use disposable masks in places where the risk is relatively low. They can be reused to ensure that the masks are clean and structurally intact, especially if the inner layer is not polluted. They should be placed in the room after each use. Relatively clean, dry and ventilated place. In addition, spraying disinfectants, including medical alcohol, will reduce the protection efficiency, so it is not appropriate to use alcohol spraying to disinfect masks.
When it comes to the reuse of masks, I would like to emphasize that it should be divided into specific situations. If you are alone, for example, you do not have contact with outsiders at home, you may not wear masks, including in private cars, or alone outdoors or in the community. There is no need to wear a mask when walking around corners or walking in a park with few pedestrians. However, patients entering and leaving crowded public places, taking transportation, including shopping malls, taking elevators, including conference rooms, and going to ordinary medical institutions (except fever clinics) can wear ordinary medical masks, which are what we call disposable medical masks. In this case, put the mask in a clean, dry and ventilated place after returning home, and it can be reused.
For staff in dense places, including industry personnel, administrative managers, police, security, couriers, etc. related to the epidemic, it is recommended to wear medical surgical masks, and the use time and replacement frequency of masks can be appropriately extended according to the actual situation. Generally, For example, if the mask is not obviously dirty and deformed, it is not necessary to change it every four hours, but if it is dirty, deformed, damaged, or has peculiar smell, it needs to be replaced in time.