What is the difference between disposable medical surgical masks and civilian-grade masks?

Editor:Zhejiang Antipollution Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. │ Release Time:2021-09-13
This type of mask is flat and needs to meet the YY/T0969 standard. This is a mask with a lower level of protection than medical surgical masks. During the non-epidemic period, it is generally used by second and third line personnel in hospitals or medical occasions with the lowest protection level. Beginning in 2016, the state no longer issued this standard medical device certificate, that is, new mask manufacturers are not allowed to produce such masks. It is only the cause of this epidemic that temporary medical device certificates have been re-developed to allow some mask manufacturers Produce this mask.
The structure of disposable medical masks is basically the same as that of flat surgical masks. The difference is that the meltblown cloth in the middle is of lower grade. It only needs to be 95% resistant to 2 micron bacteria and non-oily to 0.3 micron. Fine particles are not required. This usually requires electret treatment on the equipment. It is best to add electret masterbatch. During special epidemics, it is recommended that mask factories try to choose materials that can reach BFE95 or higher, and If there is a shortage of imported electret masterbatch, you can consider domestic electret masterbatch!
Because the melt-blown cloth without electret treatment has no charge adsorption effect, bacteria and germs can easily enter the body with inhalation. In fact, it does not have the effect of blocking bacteria, fungi, and pathogens!
Civilian grade masks
Civil masks are all flat. This is a mask with a lower level of protection than disposable medical masks. The structure is the same as that of disposable medical masks, except that the melt blown cloth used in the middle is ordinary melt blown cloth without electret treatment. This kind of barrier effect only has droplets. If the fiber is made thinner, it will also have a short-term barrier effect on bacteria, but there is no adsorption between the charges. When inhaling, the bacteria will enter the body with the pressure difference. The protection effect is average!
During the special epidemic period, the production capacity of melt blown cloth itself is already very short, and the general SMS equipment can be changed to produce electret-treated melt blown cloth. With more and more mask equipment, there is no shortage of mask equipment and melt blown cloth. In the case of circumstance, it is recommended to make fewer civilian masks made of ordinary melt blown cloth and have no protective effect, so that not only does not waste the valuable production capacity of melt blown cloth, but also does not achieve the real protective effect. Electret equipment to produce meltblown cloth with electret treatment