What is the difference between N95 and KN95 masks?

Editor:Zhejiang Antipollution Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. │ Release Time:2023-01-17
The new type of coronavirus pneumonia is mainly transmitted by droplets. Masks can prevent droplets from entering from the mouth and nose to a certain extent, reducing the chance of being infected by the virus. Therefore, masks have become a scarce item during the epidemic, and wearing masks has become everyone's daily posture. At present, besides ordinary disposable medical masks, the most popular ones are N95 and KN95 masks with the highest roll call rate. What is the difference between N95 and KN95 masks?
KN95 is one of the grades specified in the Chinese standard GB2626-2006, and N95 is one of the grades specified in the American Niosh standard 42 CFR 84. The technical requirements and test methods of these two levels are basically the same, and the filtration efficiency can reach 95% under the corresponding standards. However, it should be noted that medical protective masks for medical personnel, especially for those who are directly exposed to new coronary pneumonia, are one of the N95 masks, but not all N95 masks are medical protective masks.
For personal protection, is N95 really better? Studies have shown that there is no significant difference in the clinical significance of ordinary medical surgical masks and N95 masks in the prevention of infectious acute respiratory infections. So this is one of the reasons why Academician Zhong said that ordinary medical masks are enough, and it is not necessary to wear N95 masks.
There are breathing valves on many masks. Many people think that masks with breathing valves are better than masks without breathing valves. Is this true? The breathing valve will be blown open by the airflow when you exhale, which is equivalent to giving an exclusive channel for exhalation, so that the exhalation action can be completed with less effort, so having this valve will only make your wearing experience better. Students with glasses are more friendly. As for the damage to the protective effect of masks, it is completely "legally blind".

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