Do you know some small details of masks?

Editor:Zhejiang Antipollution Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. │ Release Time:2022-02-19
Nowadays, many people wear masks to go out. It can be said that disposable protective masks have long become an indispensable daily necessities at home. However, there are several key points that must be paid attention to in the application of disposable medical surgical masks. If they are not handled properly, they may not only be unable to filter harmful gases, prevent germs or virus infections, but also may cause "trouble" for themselves. thing".
It is said to be a disposable mask, but many people do not use it as a disposable mask. Many people take off the mask and put it in their trouser pocket, and wear it next time they go out. A mask without a bag is tucked into a trouser pocket, and it is conceivable that its environmental hygiene cannot be guaranteed without a doubt, and the environmental hygiene of a mask that has been worn is also worrying.
Medical masks have long since changed from milky white or light blue to more and more colorful, especially many young people prefer gray-black masks. In fact, gray-black masks or dark brown masks are all dyed with dyes, so they are not very good for the body, and if they are dirty, it will be difficult to see and wear them again, but it is not good for the inside of the mouth and its breathing. The physical and mental health of the system. Chemical fiber materials cannot be cleaned up, nor can they be used repeatedly in the circulatory system, and they will be destroyed after use.
Disposable masks actually have both positive and negative sides, instead of hanging them in the ears at will. Generally speaking, if the color is darker, the side that feels friction is the front face, and the color on the back of the mask is a little lighter, and the texture is smoother to the touch. When you wear a mask, the back of the mask must be close to your face, and the front face of the mask should be outside. If a disposable mask with very poor ventilation performance is used, it will not actually be of great benefit to the respiratory tract, and if it is a polyester fabric Decreased defense power is very easy to cause infection, for example, it may irritate the bronchi, and long-term use is likely to cause acute bronchitis and other diseases. Some patients with skin allergies and asthma wearing such masks are likely to exacerbate the condition.
In addition to wearing a mask for safety protection, the protection of the respiratory system depends on improving your own hygiene habits, cultivating a good lifestyle, scientifically arranging work and rest schedules, and preventing the repeated use of the same disposable mask.

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