Can the protective mask KN95 be used for extended periods of time through disinfection?

Editor:Zhejiang Antipollution Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. │ Release Time:2022-02-09
Since the outbreak of the new coronavirus, masks have long been out of stock. Some people are hard to buy, and some crowds are running out of goods. We can’t help thinking that masks can be reused many times? First of all, we should grasp the basic concept of masks. Masks are a kind of gas that covers the mouth and nose to filter the gas entering the mouth and nose, so as to block harmful substances, dust and droplets. Items that go in and out of the wearer's nose and mouth.
To put it directly, it is the object that filters the gas entering the nose and mouth.
The second point, what do you have to filter? We all need to filter the gas with the new coronavirus. The size of the new new coronavirus (2019-nCov) is around 125 nanometers technology, 0.1um. And virus infection cannot exist independently, and it will die quickly if it exists independently. Generally, it is all in the droplets of dry cough and sneezing, and the size of the droplets is generally 1-10um. Therefore, everyone must be able to filter 1-10um μm masks. Under normal conditions, if you want to filter 1-10um of gas, You have to have thick, high-density, wrinkled material. As everyone knows, you must inhale when wearing a mask, so KN95 masks use another filtering method. The basic principle of electrostatic adsorption is to charge static electricity on the meltblown cloth of the mask, and the small molecular water of each filter cloth is filled with a lot of high current, and the small and fine particles will be adsorbed when they pass through. In winter, our hair is often attracted to clothes by static electricity, which is difficult to get rid of. As long as the static electricity is there, it will keep sucking. very strong. KN95 has a high filtration efficiency of over 95% for non-oily particles of about 0.3μm. KN95 masks>surgical masks>general medical masks>general cotton masks. The effect of general cotton masks is much weaker than that of KN95 masks, and there is no comparison at all.
If it is washed with water, static electricity will be dissipated, and the actual effect of filtration will be greatly affected. In fact, we can expand it, and the method of conducting static electricity away will make the mask ineffective. Touching the electrostatic layer in the middle and damaging the structure of the surface or inner layer will cause the protective performance of the mask to fail. Other methods of disinfection and sterilization can be used, such as ultraviolet light disinfection; high temperature isolation water steaming, etc.

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