How to correctly identify medical surgical masks?

Editor:Zhejiang Antipollution Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. │ Release Time:2022-01-24
The safety protection ability of masks against germs

1. N95 grade (medical safety protective mask, 95%)
2. Medical surgical masks (70%)
3. Disposable medical masks (36%)

*Many masks labeled "Bacteria filter 95%" are not necessarily N95 masks.

In the case of purchasing medical surgical masks, many merchants claim that their masks are "medical surgical masks", but they don't know that they are actually just "general medical masks"/"disposable medical masks" instead, the latter is a safety protection function. much weaker than the former. The store intentionally added keywords such as "surgery" to deceive everyone by using a more expensive price to buy the latter one.

How to identify real medical surgical masks
If you have a packaged mask on hand, you can identify it in this way.
1. Check the official website of the Food and Drug Administration for medical machinery
2. Go to "Domestic Medical Equipment Commodities (Application for Registration)"
3. Find the "Registration Certificate Number" from the e-commerce web page
4. Check the registration certificate number

This result can confirm the real medical surgical mask. Ironically, this type of mask was originally an unpopular product, and many medical surgical mask merchants did not emphasize the keyword of surgery, but many merchants selling ordinary masks took the opportunity to defraud. At this stage, many medical surgical masks have actually been sold out. Instead of buying ordinary masks on the e-commerce platform that induces us at a high price, it is better to go directly to the surrounding pharmacies or other businesses to buy them at an affordable price.

How to distinguish these two kinds of masks? You can follow the steps below: Look at the license number of medical machinery - clearly medical machinery, look at the product implementation standards - implement GB19083-2010 "Technical Standards for Medical Safety Protective Masks" is N95 medical safety protective masks - implement YY 0469-2011 "Medical Surgical Masks" "Technical Standards for Masks" is medical surgical masks. In special times, one mask is hard to find. If it is difficult to buy the above two masks, you can buy masks that implement the GB/T32610 standard, or N90 masks, general medical masks, and general medical masks. stronger than nothing.

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