Does wearing a mask really work?

Editor:Zhejiang Antipollution Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. │ Release Time:2022-01-20
The answer is unquestionable: it works! Whether it is from the perspective of epidemiological investigations or clinical experiments, there has been a lot of direct evidence to prove that wearing a mask properly can reasonably prevent the spread of the virus. However, the investigators also found that just using masks without frequent hand washing and disinfection will not reduce the risk. Therefore, wearing a mask and frequent hand washing should be carried out together, and both are indispensable.

Generally speaking, masks are actually divided into two types: masks and respirators. N95 masks belong to the common respirator.According to the name, n95 has a double-layer meaning, and n is not the meaning of acid and alkali resistance (not resistant to oil). This feature determines that the n95 mask cannot block oil-soluble particles for a long time. The concentration of particles inside the mask is 95% lower than the concentration of particles in the outside space, so it is not difficult to understand that 95/90 is named after the dustproof effect. From this, it can be seen that wearing n95 can make the work People are not affected by excessive particulate matter in indoor spaces with high particle concentration values. Because many pathogenic bacteria such as germs and bacteria can exist in the content of particles, it is also possible to avoid infectious diseases by wearing n95 masks. The minimum diameter of particles blocked by n95 masks is above 0.075 ± 0.020um, which is already nanometers. The difference between masks and n95 masks is that they can block 90% of particulate matter. Currently, there are also kn95 on the market. This is a Chinese standard, and it is actually the same. In addition, the n95 mask is not a product name, but a normative name. It is named according to the actual effect specification. Different manufacturers can produce different types of n95 masks according to different technologies, as long as they meet the "n95 audit standards" "That's it.

As long as it is worn properly, the filtering ability of N95 is better than that of general masks and medical surgical masks. However, even if the wearing is completely in line with the regulations, it cannot 100% eliminate the risk of feeling qi. To give full play to its effect, you must choose an N95 mask that fits your face shape, check whether it is suitable before application, put on a respirator and adjust the rubber band so that the respirator fits the face firmly without feeling uncomfortable .

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