How to wear a medical surgical mask?

Editor:Zhejiang Antipollution Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. │ Release Time:2022-01-15
Wearing a Disposable medical masks requires pinching the wire to cover the mouth and nose.

Under normal circumstances, this type of medical surgical mask is sufficient. Wash hands and disinfect or sanitize before wearing a mask. And check whether the outer packaging box is in good condition and whether it is within the validity period. When taking off the mask, pay attention to the edges of the mask with your fingers.

Before wearing, distinguish the front and back of the mask from the top and bottom: the darker but smoother is the waterproof layer of the mask, which is the front layer of the mask, and the light-colored or slightly lighter side is the back layer where the mask touches the nose and mouth; ” and the side that can fix and adjust the shape is the top.

Pinch the cords on both sides and hang them behind the ears. Open the folds of the mask. Symmetrically press with both hands to adjust the metal nose clip so that the upper edge of the mask fits the face.

Tips: It is recommended to replace the mask once every 4 hours after wearing it. If the mask is polluted by the environment, it should be replaced immediately.

After wearing the mask, you should not touch your mouth and nose inside the mask with your contaminated hands, and you should not rub your eyes.

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