Are KN95 masks really effective?

Editor:Zhejiang Antipollution Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. │ Release Time:2022-01-04
The kn95 protective mask can protect against viruses. Because the kn of the kn95 dust mask represents the protection applicable to filtering non-oily particles, and 95 means that the filtration efficiency of the detection of 0.3μm particles is above 95%, and the national regulations target Protective masks with non-oily particulate matter filtering higher than or equal to 95% are anti-virus. The national standard of kn95 protective masks is the same as the US standard N95 protective masks, and they can be anti-virus.

The difference between kn95 dust masks and medical masks is that kn95 dust masks have five layers, which can filter 95% of particles not less than 0.3um. Medical masks are generally divided into three layers, with a water barrier on the surface to prevent droplet infection from entering the protection. Inside the mask, there is a filter layer in the middle and high layers, which can isolate 90% of the 5um particles, and the inner layer near the nose and mouth is used to absorb water. Kn95 dust masks can prevent smog, but medical masks can only be used for diagnosis and treatment, not smog. Kn95 dust masks are much more expensive than medical masks. In fact, you only need to use medical surgical masks to prevent viruses in daily life, and you don't need to use kn95 protective masks.

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