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KN95 Mask
KN95 Mask
KN95 Mask

KN95 Mask

  • Description:

Comfortable & Breathable: The KN95 face mask use skin-friendly non-woven fabric, no irritation to your skin, High-elastic ear loops and adjustable nose clip to ensure a comfortable fit and no strain of ears. It's lightweight and foldable, can cover mouth, nose and chin easily. Creates a tight seal & stops glasses from fogging.

Multi-Layer Filtration: This KN95 mask is made of a 5-layer filtration system of non-woven breathable fibers and is utilized globally, offers more protection than a standard disposable 3-Ply mask. It has tested well filtration of particles 0.3 µm or larger, greatly keeping you from dust, PM 2.5, haze, smoke, automobile exhaust, etc.

Widely Use: Keep your mouth, nose and chin covered and protected when you go to crowded public places and enclosed public spaces. This kn95 protective masks are good for transport drivers, taxi drivers, public service personnel, armed police, traffic police, security personnel, media reporters, couriers, etc because they have daily contacts with large amount of people.

3D Design:The 3D shape of KN95 mask is designed according to the human face shape to ensure the tightness, to fit the human face, to increase the breathing volume when use the face mask. The face mask KN95 can greatly improve the permeability, and to make wearing and exhaling more comfortable


• GB2626-2019

• 4-5 Layer

• Filtration efficiency ≥ 95%

• white



• Effectively block dust, smoke, fog and microorganisms

• Better air tightness, easy to carry with

• Disposable



• Length: 160±5mm

• With: 105±5mm