Do you know that the folding method of disposable masks affects the protective ability of masks?

Editor:Zhejiang Antipollution Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. │ Release Time:2022-08-24
Recently, some consumers have reported. The disposable mask purchased is folded up! Will it "hold" the virus and feel unsafe!
It is understood that this is a consumer who often contacts international friends in his daily work. He bought a disposable medical mask in a pharmacy. After unpacking, he found that the mask was folded upwards. Consumers suggested that only when the mask is folded down can isolate germs and play a correct protective role.
Is it really?
The editor checked the relevant regulations and standards for the first time, and the folding method of the mask has no effect on the protective performance of the mask. It turned out that the folding method of masks is a non-critical performance evaluation index, which is generally reflected in the appearance or size requirements. In my country's current mask standards, there is no clear regulation on how to fold the appearance of masks. In practice, if there is a contractual agreement, it is generally implemented according to the contractual agreement. For example, the Japanese market requires products to be folded upwards, and different customers in the European and American markets have different needs.
Two ways to fold
Taking a mask production company as an example, there are two folding methods for general mask products. Among them, the products with the inner layer of non-woven fabrics are folded downward, and the products with the inner layer of gauze are folded upward. The products of the two folding methods have no performance. any difference.
Therefore, the folding method of disposable masks does not affect the masks!

Disposable Flat Mask (Medical)
• YY/T 0969-2013
• 3 Layer
• Bacterial filtration efficiency ≥ 95%
• white
• Efficient barrier of bacteria and particles
• easy to carry with
• Disposable
• 175*90(±5mm)
Not suitable for body fluid spraying environment