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Disposable Flat Mask (Medical)
Disposable Flat Mask (Medical)

Disposable Flat Mask (Medical)

  • Description:

The Disposable Flat Mask is designed to filter out airborne particulates such as dust, bacteria and viruses. It’s ideal for use in healthcare facilities such as hospitals, doctor’s office, dentist and other places where there are sick people. Made of high quality material, this mask provides full protection against infections as it filters over 95% impurities. When you choose this product, your health will be protected by a 3 layer filtration system that ensures safety even in dusty environments or areas with high air flow.

This disposable medical mask offers efficient barrier of bacteria and particles, easy to carry with and disposability.

Protect yourself from germs with our disposable mask. Thanks to its bacteriostatic properties, it offers excellent protection against bacteria, viruses and other micro-organisms. The mask is easy to carry with and can be disposed of in a hygienic manner in a biohazard waste bin.


• YY/T 0969-2013

• 3 Layer

• Bacterial filtration efficiency ≥ 95%

• white



• Efficient barrier of bacteria and particles

• easy to carry with

• Disposable



• 175*90(±5mm)



Not suitable for body fluid spraying environment