• NewsMar 01, 2023

    How to properly wear and dispose of KN95 masks?

    The mask has become a popular choice for personal protection during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, it is important to properly wear and dispose of the mask to ensure its effectiveness and prevent the...

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  • NewsFeb 20, 2023

    What should I pay attention to when buying nano masks?

    When buying nano masks, there are several factors to consider: Filtration efficiency: The mask should have a high filtration efficiency, meaning it is able to filter out a high percentage of particle...

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  • NewsFeb 16, 2023

    Do you know about FFP2 Mask?

    FFP2 mask is a type of filtering facepiece respirator (FFP) that is designed to protect the wearer from inhaling hazardous substances in the air. FFP2 masks are classified as personal protective equip...

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  • NewsFeb 09, 2023

    Do you know about Disposable Flat Mask (Non-medical)?

    A disposable flat mask, also known as a non-medical mask, is a type of face covering that is designed to be used for a limited period of time and then discarded. It is not a substitute for medical-gra...

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  • NewsFeb 03, 2023

    Why are Disposable Face Masks a necessity in life?

    Disposable face masks have become a necessity in many parts of the world in response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The use of face masks can help to slow the spread of the virus and protect indivi...

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  • NewsJan 24, 2023

    What are Disposable medical masks?

    Disposable medical masks are single-use masks that are designed to protect the wearer from inhaling airborne particles and from spreading infectious agents to others. They are typically made from non-...

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  • NewsJan 17, 2023

    What is the difference between N95 and KN95 masks?

    The new type of coronavirus pneumonia is mainly transmitted by droplets. Masks can prevent droplets from entering from the mouth and nose to a certain extent, reducing the chance of being infected by ...

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  • NewsJan 11, 2023

    Do you know about Disposable Nano Masks?

    Nano masks are a type of face mask that are made with a nano-fiber filtration material. These masks are designed to be disposable, and they are typically made with a multi-layer filtration system that...

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  • NewsJan 04, 2023

    Do you know the difference between masks?

    Disposable medical masks are made of multiple layers of material and are designed to be worn over the nose and mouth to protect the wearer from inhaling respiratory droplets that may contain germs. Th...

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  • NewsDec 26, 2022

    Disadvantages of disposable nano masks

    Disposable nano masks have become quite popular in recent years because of their convenience and ease of use. However, these masks have several disadvantages that you need to be aware of before purcha...

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  • NewsDec 19, 2022

    What you need to know about disposable KN95 masks

    Disposable KN95 Mask is a product that helps you filter out large particles in the air you breathe and protects your lungs from dust, pollen, and other dangerous substances that may harm your health. ...

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  • NewsDec 11, 2022

    Are disposable FFP2 masks really so effective?

    Using a disposable FFP2 mask is a great way to reduce the risk of infection. In fact, wearing two masks can reduce the chance of infection by up to 95%. Historically, research on masks has focused on ...

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