• NewsNov 25, 2021

    What are the classifications of masks?

    Masks are divided into three types according to their appearance, namely:1. Flat-type and flat-type masks are easy to carry, but the tightness is poor;2. Foldable, foldable mask is easy to carry;3. Th...

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  • NewsNov 18, 2021

    What are the types of FFP2 masks?

    1. Disposable anti-particulate mask: alias: "disposable FFP2 mask" This kind of anti-particulate mask is suitable for short-term use in a polluted environment.2. Half face mask: alias: "FFP2 category ...

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  • NewsNov 12, 2021

    How to clean FFP2 masks?

    The outer layer of FFP2 masks tends to accumulate a lot of dust, bacteria and other dirt in the outside air, while the inner layer blocks the exhaled bacteria and saliva. Therefore, the two sides cann...

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  • NewsNov 04, 2021

    What are the selection methods of FFP2 masks?

    First: The mask has a high dust-proof efficiency. The dust suppression efficiency of a mask is based on its dust suppression efficiency for fine dust, especially for respirable dust below 5 μm. Genera...

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  • NewsOct 25, 2021

    What are the uses of FFP2 masks?

    1. Individual protection products designed to prevent or reduce the dust in the air from entering the human respiratory organs to protect life safety;2. Material: Anti-particle masks are mostly constr...

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  • NewsOct 20, 2021

    What are the characteristics of medical surgical masks?

    Medical surgical masks are generally used in high-demand environments such as medical clinics, laboratories, and operating rooms. They are masks worn by medical staff when they work. The safety facto...

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  • NewsOct 12, 2021

    What are the precautions for masks?

    Use timeFrom the perspective of human physiological structure, because the blood circulation of the nasal mucosa is very strong, the passage in the nasal cavity is very tortuous, and the nasal hair c...

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  • NewsOct 09, 2021

    What is the difference between sterile and non-sterile disposable masks?

    Both sterile and non-sterile masks are made in a 100,000-level dust-free workshop. Other indicators such as filtration efficiency or airflow resistance are all required to be the same. The difference...

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  • NewsSep 22, 2021

    What are the more popular masks?

    1. 3M N95 mask (one-time anti-PM2.5/anti-flu, can be used continuously for 8 hours)Advantages: used for respiratory protection of certain non-oily particles, with a filtration efficiency of not less ...

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  • NewsSep 13, 2021

    What is the difference between disposable medical surgical masks and civilian-grade masks?

    Disposable medical surgical mask This type of mask is flat and needs to meet the YY/T0969 standard. This is a mask with a lower level of protection than medical surgical masks. During the non-epidem...

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  • NewsSep 08, 2021

    What are the medical masks?

    Protective medical masks are generally made of folded cones, which is our common N95 mask, which needs to meet the requirements of the GB19083 national standard. The two core technical indicators are...

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  • NewsSep 01, 2021

    What is the correct usage of disposable masks?

    The correct steps to wear a disposable mask:1. Wash: First, wash your hands to prevent dirty hands from contaminating the inner surface of the mask.2. Hanging: Place the mask horizontally on the face...

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