What is the difference between medical surgical masks and disposable masks?

Editor:Zhejiang Antipollution Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. │ Release Time:2023-05-23
At present, there are three main types of masks we wear on a daily basis: disposable medical masks, medical surgical masks, and medical protective masks (i.e. N95 masks). What is the difference in wearing effect between them?
How to scientifically wear masks?
Most of our situations should be in a low risk state of infection, which means that we can scientifically choose disposable medical masks or surgical masks.
What is the difference between medical surgical masks and disposable medical masks?
On the one hand, medical surgical masks have the function of preventing splashing. Secondly, medical surgical masks also have a certain anti aerosol function, and their protective effect against aerosols can reach 30%.
The third type of mask is the medical protective mask (N95 mask). The medical protective mask (N95 mask) is mainly worn in the environment exposed to high risk of infection, such as fever clinics in medical institutions and COVID-19 designated hospitals. At this time, the concentration of pathogens is relatively high, so you can choose the medical protective mask (N95 mask).
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