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Nano Mask
Nano Mask
Nano Mask

Nano Mask

  • Description:

The Nano Mask is a disposable single use mask that provides protection against harmful viruses and bacteria. The three-layered construction provides a cost effective solution with an efficacy of over 70% for non-oil and non-electrostatics particles.

It is a 3 layer mask with Nano-Silver technology, which acts as a filter against bacteria and viruses. With an efficient barrier of bacteria and particles, it offers protection during public gatherings or crowded events like concerts. It's easy to carry around and fits children and adults up to 18 years old.

The Nano Mask is a 3-layer mask made of cotton and environmental polymer fibers. The coating layer allows for high filtration efficiency, even for fine particles. This mask is comfortable to wear and easy to carry with you everywhere, providing you the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re protected from external threats.


• GB32610-2016(D)

• 3 Layer

• Filtration efficiency ≥ 65%



• Efficient barrier of bacteria and particles

• easy to carry with

• Disposable





M (for age 12-18)

S (for age 6-12)