Do you know the protection level of the mask?

Editor:Zhejiang Antipollution Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. │ Release Time:2022-10-03
At present, masks on the market are divided into three categories: industrial, medical, and civilian, namely medical surgical masks, n95 masks, medical n95 masks, and ordinary masks.
grade of mask
Level 95: Indicates that the minimum filtration efficiency is 95%.
Level 99: Indicates that the minimum filtration efficiency is 99%.
Level 100: Indicates a minimum filtration efficiency of 99.97%.
medical surgical mask
It is often used in hospital outpatient clinics, laboratories, operating rooms and other medical environments, as masks worn by medical staff. Medical surgical masks can isolate large particles such as droplets, and the outer layer is a waterproof layer, which can block liquid splashes. However, surgical masks cannot effectively filter small particles in the air, and the design of surgical masks is not sealed, which cannot completely prevent air from entering through the gaps on the edge of the mask.
Industrial n95 masks
Industrial n95 masks can filter at least 95% of solid or liquid non-oily particles with a diameter of 0.3 microns or more. The use of advanced electrostatic media technology can enhance the particle capture ability, while reducing the breathing resistance, allowing the wearer to breathe more smoothly; the elastic band adopts a welded connection for more durability, and the foam nose pad design makes the wearing more comfortable.
normal n95
The most popular is the n95 mask with a breathing valve. The breathing valve can keep the inside of the mask ventilated, especially suitable for situations that need to be worn for a long time. At present, the comfort of masks of this level has also been continuously upgraded and improved.
medical n95 mask
Medical n95 masks have more functions such as fluid resistance and waterproofing than industrial n95 masks. They are protective against splashes and splashes of blood and other infectious liquids, and can block some airborne biological particles. They comply with CDC's tuberculosis control guidelines, FDA Approved n95 masks for surgical use. For the protection of bacteria and germs, the protective effect of medical n95 masks is ideal. But daily life does not need to wear this type. N95 has a mask that can effectively protect against virus infection, but wearing an n95 mask is hard to breathe.
According to the protective ability of the wearer, medical protective masks>N95/KN95 masks>medical surgical masks>disposable medical masks>ordinary cotton masks.

Disposable Flat Mask (Non-medical)
• T/CTCA-2019
• 3 Layer
• Bacterial filtration efficiency ≥ 95%
• white
• Efficient barrier of bacteria and particles
• easy to carry with
• Disposable
• 175*90(±5mm)