What types of disposable masks are there?

Editor:Zhejiang Antipollution Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. │ Release Time:2022-10-10
Disposable masks are used to protect the face from harmful airborne particles. They consist of three layers of non-woven fabric that trap harmful particles. They cover the face completely and have elastic ear loops that hold them in place. These face shields are designed to fit most people comfortably.
dust mask
A dust mask is a disposable face shield used to reduce exposure to solid particles. These face shields are made of non-woven polypropylene fibers. They can be worn while gardening, mowing the lawn and cleaning the house.
The best dust masks are made of tightly woven 100% cotton fabric. Cotton has a higher 3-dimensional structure than synthetic fibers, which can help block incoming particles.
When choosing a dust mask, make sure to choose the type that best suits your face shape and level of protection. There are two main types: disposable and reusable. The former is easy to use and can be discarded after use.
KF94 mask
If you have small children, KF94 disposable masks are a good choice. These masks feature a tri-fold design that folds under the chin and covers the nose. They are also kept away from the mouth to reduce the risk of children sucking, chewing or licking them. Despite their great functionality, kids often struggle to find the right clothes.
These masks come in a variety of colors and are comfortable to wear. They have four layers, the non-woven outer layer filters out large particles, while the inner two layers are made of double meltblown fabric. These features improve comfort and prevent the mask from pinching the ears.
KF94 masks are a popular choice for allergy sufferers due to their high filtration levels. Unlike N95 masks, KF94 disposable masks filter up to 94% of airborne particles. In addition to providing a high level of protection, the KF94 mask does not have any gaps in the seal.

Disposable Flat Mask (Medical)
• YY/T 0969-2013
• 3 Layer
• Bacterial filtration efficiency ≥ 95%
• white
• Efficient barrier of bacteria and particles
• easy to carry with
• Disposable
• 175*90(±5mm)
Not suitable for body fluid spraying environment